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Inviting Guest Rooms and Suites

  Chambre EdenChambre Eden Salle de Bain

Chambre Eden's design was  influenced by a respect for the environment and was named for the current owner's daughter.  Stone, wood and harmony with nature make this a room that compliments the philosophy of the owner who renovated the château with great care to be as Earth-friendly as possible.  Eden offers a queen-size bed (160 x 200 cm) which can be configured as twin beds, a desk, salon area and an en suite bathroom with a shower.  Addition of an additional single bed in this room is possible.  As with all the guest accommodations, it is seasonally heated and cooled and has WiFi.


Suite Bonnier de la MossonSuite Bonnier de la Mosson
Suite Bonnier de la MossonSuite Bonnier de la Mosson SDB

Suite Bonnier de la Mosson is named in honor of Baron Joseph de la Mosson, a lover of the arts and sciences, who bought the property in 1727.  The suite is sophisticated and stylish, with hidden doors and little surprises to be discovered by its occupants.  A stunning en suite bathroom with a very inviting tub adds even more appeal to this suite which offers a king-size bed (180 x 200 cm), a salon, a desk,  views from two different exposures, and a sitting area off the classical balcony.  It is possible to add two single beds if required.

Chambre HenrietteChambre Henriette

Salle de Bain Chambre Henriette

Chambre Henriette, named after the daughter of Henri Marès, is a feminine and refined room in a striking color palette designed to reflect the essence of his daughter, Henriette,  who founded the Red Cross of Montpellier.  With a fine view of the parc, Chambre Henriette offers a queen-size bed (160 x 200 cm), a small desk, an en suite bathroom with a shower, and, of course, WiFi.  This lovely room will remain as one of your fondest memories of your stay at Domaine de Biar.

Chambre Austin CosteChambre Austin Coste
Chambre Augustin Coste is reminiscent of the Coste family who acquired the Domaine after the French Revolution.  Augustin was a warm and sociable man who entertained often at Biar, and this was is room..  There is an open bathing area behind the headboard of the bed, making this a very unusual accommodation.  It is possible to a single bed if requested.  Guests will enjoy the comfort of a queen-size bed (160 x 200 cm), an en suite with a bathtub, desk, small reading area, and WiFi.  The décor is very contemporary in cheerful colors with ample daylight bathing the room.

Suite Henri Mares Salle de BainSuite Henri Mares

Suite Henri MaresSuite Henri Mares
Chambre Henri Marès is designed in a post-industrial Romantic style to honor its namesake ~ Marès acquired Domaine de Biar he converted the old farmhouse to use for the production of wine.  His intent was to rebuild the Domaine for his daughter, Henriette, but he was unable to fulfill that dream. This room reflects his 19th century creative spirit.  It is the only guest room at the Domaine with access for the disabled, and offers its occupants a king-size bed (180 x 200 cm), a small reading room, a desk, a bathroom with a shower, and, as with all the rooms, comfortable climate control and WiFi.

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