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   The Estate

The Moulin's gate

When you arrive at this lovely gate you will enter the Moulin de Fresquet's two hectare park ~ a lush, green landscape offering guests the ultimate in a peace and tranquility.  Rich with specimen trees, vast lawns and flowers, the park at Moulin de Fresquet will enchant you.

The mill house is built across the Alzou, a little stream that eventually supplies water to Rocamadour fourteen kilometers away.  The stream has meandered beneath the  two stone arches supporting the mill for over 600 years!

The mill stream Alzou


Bridge at Moulin de FresquetThe grindstone

There are several bridges across the stream and lounge chairs are placed on the lawns for guests to relax and enjoy the park.

The ancient grindstone rests here against the little Manor House by the door to Suite Bernadotte.

The main house from the ManorThe Small Manor House 

The main house (the mill house) is covered in lush vines and surrounded by terraces and lovely landscaping.  The Manor House is across the driveway and sits at the edge of the forest.  Private secure parking is just up the driveway.

Guest BookGarden Statue

Don't forget to sign the guest book before you leave.  As you get into your car to drive away, you will no doubt see this lovely statue that has stood guard over the parking area for a very long time. 

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